Tuesday, March 11, 2008

VANESSA - A sultry moment of exposition

Gabrielle Jourdan as 'Vanessa Clark'

Today we did the sound for the Vanessa scene and the Driver scene.

The Vanessa scene is a very technical pair of scenes: it falls at a point in the film where Steve Lynch must decide to take action against Callas, and also the true villain of the film is revealed. Its also where poor Gabrielle has to deliver what is known as 'exposition': she has to explain to the audience everything that has happened up to now in the film, by explaining it all back to Steve.

If you watch films and television closely, you'll see them do it constantly - characters telling you what's going on by telling other characters what's happening. For us, Vanessa's speech was always a touchstone: whatever rewrite or reshoot occurred, her speech still had to make sense.

After a while, film making becomes a game of Jenga with a plot. If we take that piece out, will the whole thing collapse? In our case, it all revolved around Vanessa's speech, delivered crisply and well by Gabrielle Jourdan, who at this time had just come back from shooting with Billy Zane in the Bahamas.

How long have we been making this film? Gabrielle will be bringing her 2 year old to the premiere.

Steve Lynch & Vanessa get reaquainted


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