Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Of Astons and Helen Liston

Helen Liston in front of Steve Lynch's Aston

We spent an enormous amount of time shooting in Northampton Park in Islington on this film. Its the widest street in Central London, has some beautiful Georgian terrace houses, and Islington Council are very easy to deal with re filming. In the photo you can see stellar runner/pm/all round awesome chick Helen Liston being clapper girl. Also note the non-timecode, non-electronic clapper board, last seen doing work on an early Charlie Chaplin movie.

Today was spent synching Steve Lynch's first conversation of his harrowing day with his business partner Peter Denby (Nick Townsend) which is made by phone from Steve's Aston. This car was a V12 Volante we hired for 3 days. Very nice, but not the easiest car to drive over London speedbumps.

Jeremy Henman as 'The Jogger'. Nice shorts.

Steve Lynch also has a confrontation with a jogger in this scene, that sets in motion the events of the rest of the day. Unfortunately George Clooney was unavailable, so we went with who we had to hand.

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