Thursday, March 20, 2008

Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne as 'Donald', Michael Greco as 'Steve Lynch'

Duncan has been part of the this project since the very beginning. 
Long before he became a TV star with the BBC's Dragons Den, Duncan attended the same RADA course as Jerome Scott. A very successful businessman, Duncan only fell into media after bidding for a one-line part in a Guy Ritchie movie at a charity auction. Being the organised fellow that he is, he thought 'I'd better learn to act then' and trained in New York as well as London.

So for us to cast him as a successful businessman mentor wasn't really much of a stretch. 

Donald is an old business partner of Steve Lynch's who Steve turns to once too often. 

The scene was shot in Shad Thames, an area that used to be the centre of London's docks, then fell into disrepair and became the backdrop for a hundred car chases in UK classic The Sweeney

Now its home to City boys and their loft apartments, and thus fitted the scene perfectly. It was an infuriatingly difficult day, with clouds moving in and out, boats constantly blowing horns, and poor Duncan could only spare us 3 hours that day. 

But as ever, we survived. 


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