Monday, March 17, 2008

Jerome Scott

Jerome Scott as 'Paul' in the climactic scene

This project is really the fault of Jerome Scott. Not the plot or script but the motivation: the original push down the hill. 

I shall attempt to make a long story a bit shorter.

Together he and I (and Andy Rolfe) founded The London Film Syndicate in Feb 2004, after Channel 4 had shown minor interest in a 5 minute short we'd made (which if I can find a copy of I will post). 
I had known Jerome via business in London for a few years, when he announced at the end of a heavy drinking session that he was attending RADA over the summer.  

At the time I hadn't directed or produced anything for 5 years, and frankly, the thought of Jerome acting stunned me. And he had no idea I had a background in film, or at the very least didn't believe it.

The bargain was struck: he'd bring actors, I'd bring crew and experience. Together we'd raise a tiny bit of money (10k) and make an artsy 30 minute thing for Channel 4 to screen at 2am on a Sunday in summer. This eventually became NAKED IN LONDON.

Why? Because Jerome was convinced we should make a 90 minute drama. Convinced in that effortless way of the truly naive that we could just bang out a watchable commercial feature film, with a team with very little experience at drama and no money. 

He was very persuasive.

Obviously, it did take a LOT more money, time and energy. Jerome is the Executive Producer on this film, and along with myself, has quite a bit of money in it. But his thriving business has meant his direct involvement has diminished since 2006.   

But then he got the best reward of anyone from participating in this project: he met his wife Vanessa on the 2005 shoot. 

But she's another story...


Jerome Scott & Mark Tierney on set 2005


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