Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nitty Gritty time

If you're wondering where we've been, the edit suite repairs took a bit longer than we thought, and well, we spent the weekend blowing off steam.

As some of you know, I have a business to run, and that plus this film is stretching things a bit. Poor Jeremy is tying himself in knots trying to horseshoe some of the older scenes back in to the film, and I'm just desperate to get all the dialogue scenes sharpened so we have a decent rough cut by the end of this week. 

Both of us are strung out from rearranging the sequencing of the film. It never ceases to amaze me how flexible a story is, right up until the final piece of audio post. One scene for example was cut completely, then became a flashback, moved forward in the day but now in real-time, and its central theme completely changed twice, all since Friday. 

Its also been a time of concentrating on the pacing of the film. We watched Peter Berg's 'The Kingdom' the other day, as it uses a lot of the frenetic, multi-camera style NIL has. In fact, almost EXACTLY the same style as NIL has. While its a pretty good film, it never lets you breathe, so hopefully we've got the right blend of fast, handheld cross-the-line energy, with enough moments of reflection and stillness. And that those moments happen at the right time in the story. 

The picture above is from the Paul McGann shoot that will never make the picture. In this ending the gorgeous Callas (Meredith Ostrom) comes in to save Roy (Mark Rathbone). In the version we have now, Roy meets a rather different fate. 

- MT


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Rathbone said...

Actually I prefer the version where Roy doesn't get shot in the face !