Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hard at work 7

Prepping the Peter Denby office scene shot at Mark Stewart Productions in Ladbroke Grove.
We'd like to thank everyone there, particularly Mark, Paddy, Shawn and Hannah for the many, MANY favours they did us over the years.

Andre de Souza in a reflective mood

Producer Hugh Edwards

Set Photographer/3rd camera Andy Cockerill

Note that Andy is wearing his reknown white t-shirt on set in the photo above. If you ever want to drive a cameraperson or DOP crazy, wear a bright reflective surface near the set, while moving around.

At one point, we actually thought Jonas Mortensen was going to kill him. It is worth noting that later shots have Andy in a black t-shirt with only some light bruising.

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hello there!

I am a big fan of Michael Greco, and very kindly he mailed me on facebook to let me know about this production. I love the film shorts and found the trailer on youtube, but was wondering if it has been released yet or not, as IMDB had that it was scheduled for a 2005-2006 release? If it has been released, where can i obtain a copy of the film?

If anyone reads this, or can answer any questions, please forward email to