Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jonathan & Home House

Michael Greco as 'Steve Lynch' enters Jonathan Porchester's home

We've finished doing the rough of the climactic Jonathan scene. This scene comes at the end of the film, and within it the terrible secret of the story is revealed. Its an acting tour de force from Michael Greco and Jake Maskall, and was shot in a day at Home House in Portman Square London. 

Home House is another of London's private clubs, a lovely restaurant and bar set in a very large 18thC townhouse just behind Selfridges. It was here, late one night, after far too many expensive scotches that this project was born, so it was fitting that the film should have its bloody denouement within its walls. 

It was another iffy day weather wise, so our 'sun' is a line of 10k lights scaffolded outside in the high wind. We also suffered a bizarre fault with one of the HD cameras that gave us footage with no blue component. That gives that camera's images a brutally hard, flame red appearance. We debated shooting it again (it wasn't the only scene affected and we were insured) but given the feel of the scene and where it falls in what will be a colour-saturated film, the hard red cast to everything kind of works. 

Above is one of my favourite stills from the film. With the interaction between Steve and the centurions of the painting, it looks almost composed. 

'Here he is, at last', they say. 

- MT

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