Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ok, so its been a bit dull around here....

I've been busy shooting this week. Normal service will resume next week.

NIL Update:
Feedback from Cannes was very interesting. Feedback from elsewhere even more so.

As most of you will have read, very little really happened at Cannes this year, so I'm very glad I didn't go. (although the Soho house bit was apparently amazing). Very positive feedback on the VERY rough cut but no-one threw money at us, which is always a pity.

Showed it to a few people here a week or so ago, and again mostly positive (i.e VERY positive about the bits we know are good, and horrified at the bits we know still need to fix. So like, an overall C+. Maybe a B) and having now seen it myself about 40 odd times I'm pretty certain where we need to go to finish it.
This will start (unless reality intrudes) next week. Insert something about the 'home stretch' here.
For a long time I was really worried about this delay etc being something purely to do with me. I now realise that we have still got off very lightly, and the path of privately funded film making, never smooth, is especially fraught at the moment.

The horror stories I've heard in the last few weeks from other indie film producers makes me feel blessed that we have a film, within touching distance of complete for not much real money.
Let's put it this way: imagine you had a $10M film, with a name cast, and could not either finish it or sell it.

I tell you, in a very Daniel Plainview moment, it made me smile to hear about it.

- MT


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