Monday, May 19, 2008


This is a great scene giving some background to the STEVE LYNCH character as he bumps into BOBBY ADAMS, whom he used to work with in the City.
BOBBY is played by the great David Cleveland-Dunn, who we shot three times in order to get this character exactly right. He was homeless in 2004, a Big Issue salesman in 2005 and now a man running a chain of newsagents in 2007.
This is another ungraded roughcut.
You may have noticed that the music seems the same under a lot of the video here. We use a piece from the soundtrack to the 2003 remake of 'Solaris' as our main guide track, as it has a good 'pulse' and a slightly eerie tone. Other soundtracks we have cut scenes to include 'Notes On A Scandal' and 'The Thin Red Line'.

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